Thursday, September 25, 2014

Keep climbing

Flying now, I glance down to see the phrase, "keep climbing" on my napkin in front of me on my tray table. Keep climbing? I'm struck by this phrase and not quite sure what it means. Part of me knows, it's a cute way to describe Delta, as climbing the skies to reach new heights.. But how does that apply to us? On the one hand, we all climb our small or large mountains in life, to reach new heights. But isn't it more about our everyday journey in life? Who do we meet along the way? Who do we connect with or disconnect from? Experiences worthwhile or insignificant? Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle and other times it is the thrill of reaching a dream. Either way, we keep climbing. Some days are more challenging than others. Most importantly we collect memories along the way and hope to surround ourselves with loved ones who support our climb as we do theirs. So with that.. Safe travels and happy landings.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Depression hurts

It's true, depression hurts both emotionally and physically. When we are depressed not only do we feel sadness but our bodies hurt as well.  Symptoms of depression include low energy, muscle pain, poor concentration, lack of motivation, change in appetite and sleep. All of which effect our bodies as well as our mood. So it's important to be aware of these symptoms and share them with your doctor and therapist. Try to address the hurt and continue to eat properly, get 6-8 hours of sleep, avoid alcohol and get help for your depression. Therapy helps as well as medication, when necessary. Depression doesn't have to hurt.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

9/11/2011 Remembered

September 911 remembered

Sitting in my office, the tv was on and in the background I hear.." The World Trade Center was hit". I looked up staring at the sights and sounds that quickly overwhelmed me. Watching at first in complete disbelief, then slowly and completely shocked in horror at what was unfolding. I recall yelling, what's happening to the people, as a plume of smoke was overtaking the city..spiraling out of control, covering the streets in a dark horrific moment.  

These thoughts came back to me today. The grief the victims, families, friends, and heroes must have felt and still feel today is beyond belief. How can an ideology so strong be so hurtful as to cause mass destruction? How can it still be happening today around the world? I have sincere empathy and compassion for others suffering , hurting, and grieving. We must be tolerant of others who are different, yet not tolerate people that hate through heinous crimes and acts of violence against others. 

I am taking a moment to reflect on the beauty that surrounds me, my family and friends that I love and miss. Appreciating what life has given me, with the awareness of the emotional and physical challenges  others face world wide. 

Remembering 911
~Nancy Shertok, MSW, LCSW